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Effectively Handling Disagreements

Tired of pointless arguing? Worried about angry fights?

Handle disagreements effectively and amicably.
The best of conversational knowledge to handle disagreements, broken down according to literature.
Effective and on-point: rapid and precise feedback that allows you to improve rapidly.



Aimed at improvement




With timely

and accurate feedback

Listening with
Smart Politics
to calm down and
limit confrontation

Sharing your story with
Deep Canvassing
to connect and see each
other's perspective

Questioning conclusions with
Street Epistemology
to probe for reliable ways
of coming to the truth

No events at the moment

Deliberate Practice,

Effective Training

Quick and detailed

on targeted exercices

Capture short.png

Truthful conversations through real training.

Intense. Effective.

We all dream to live in a world were disagreement is best handled: no walking on eggshells, no self-censoring silence, and no angry argument. Luckily for us, there are proven ways to make real progress in these conversations.

The goal of the workshop is to teach these techniques as fast as possible and at scale. Granted, teaching conversational skills is often long and arduous. But with the help of the scientific literature, we can make it fast and intuitive.

Do you organize a university group?

If you regularly organize meetings and think your atendees could benefit from the workshop, either in-person or online, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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