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You'll find here all the references the workshop is built upon. The titles are links to further ressources you might want to discover.

Smart Politics.png


Smart Politics promotes methods for quieting political polarization, suggesting constructive attitudes to adopt during potentially tense exchanges. They organize regular workshops including its founder, Karin Tamarius, a political psychiatrist.


The Deep Canvass Institute organizes regular workshops both online and in person. They teach how to sensitize people to particular issues by relying on the exchange of personal stories.

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This vibrant community is centered around a method of kind yet systematic exploration of beliefs through socratic questioning. You can learn more on their website, follow their online course or join their discord server.

Book, Pop-sci

In this book, David McRaney writes about the techniques presented above, and dives into the psychology of why we sometimes don't change our minds, and sometimes do.

Principled Negotiation

Book, Pop-Sci

A classic in negotiation studies, that presents an ethical and fair way to handle conflicts of interest, while pulling the heat away and focusing on people's needs.

Motivational Interviewing

Book, Scholar

A staple of psychotherapy, grounded in evidence. Motivational Interviewing is the art of helping people find solutions to their problems without berating them.

Motivational Interviewing.jpg

The Science of Storytelling

Book, Pop-Sci

In this well-written book, Will Storr introduces his main approach for writing fiction and character development, grounded on an exploration of the science behind storytelling.

Not Born Yesterday

Book, Pop-sci

Hugo Mercier explains in simple terms the groundbreaking work he did on epistemic vigilance -the mechanism that prevents us from being constantly lied to, and that possibly underpins the entirety of human reasoning.


Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory

Book, Scholar

A founding book that explains the several approaches that exist in analyzing and deconstructing arguments into subcomponents.

The Handbook of Conversation Analysis

Book, Scholar

An introduction to the field of Conversation Analysis, the identification and understanding of the largely subconscious processes that make conversations work.


Microsociology: A tool kit for interaction analysis

Book, Scholar

An introduction to the field of microsociology, or how people meet and start interacting.

The Microsociology of Peace and Conflict

Book, Scholar

In this book, Isabel Bramsen exposes her work on peace talks and protests, and how details from room layout to posture can influence the outcome of the process.


Arguing: Exchanging reasons face to face

Book, Scholar

Dale Hample exposes her work about argumentation as a social practice.

The Erotetic Theory of Reasoning

Article, Scholar

In this theory, which is Work in Progress, Salvador Mascarenhas and Philipp Koralus explain a key operation that seems to underpin reasoning : breaking down mental models to contrast their respective plausibility.


Deliberate Practice

Article, Scholar

Deliberate Practice is supported by a rich litterature, mainly driven by K. Anders Ericsson.

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