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I'm Camille

I discovered Street Epistemology in 2018. In the rise of polarization and fake news, I had identified a tool that helped me have important yet quiet discussions on what mattered to me.

But I was soon frustrated by the impracticality of teaching : I couldn’t find an intensive, time-efficient way to learn it.

Resolved to take action, I went through a master's degree in cognitive science (ENS Paris), in the hope of optimizing and streamlining the learning process of conversational techniques. I read as many scientific sources as I could find on the topic, in the aim to develop a wide, interdisciplinary, scientifically robust understanding of it. These efforts came to fruition in March 2024, after several betas, with the Effectively Handling Disagreements workshop.

In the continuation of this spirit, I'm also open to feedback, curious, and sincerely willing to improve it. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk!

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Standing on their shoulders

None of the techniques I'm teaching are my own -here are the organisations that created, teach and sustain them.

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I'm always open to new opportunities, so please contact me if you think I could be interested or helpful.

+33 six 40 97 94 94

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