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What is the workshop about?

When you find yourself in disagreement with someone on a significant issue, and they might not share your perspectives or even show resistance towards them, it's natural to seek a productive dialogue. The goal is to have a conversation that brings both parties closer to understanding the truth. However, jumping directly into counter-arguments often proves counterproductive, leading to further resistance or increasingly complex counterpoints. It's easy to label the other person as "irrational" in these moments.

To navigate these conversations more effectively, I'm offering a workshop that introduces a range of techniques based on evidence and mutual agreement. These methods are designed to facilitate discussions about deeply held beliefs in a friendly manner, keeping the focus on the pursuit of truth. 

Who is this for?

I’m mainly targeting people who want to have impactful conversation, and are not used to such interactions, or feel frustrated by them -as such, you might not learn a lot if you are already used to managing high-stakes interactions. I'm also happy to organize workshops on demand.

Is this about outreach?

No, it's not. It's rather about reacting amicably yet rationally to people who already hold certain views you might disagree with.

Is this manipulative?

All the techniques suggested are both evidence- and consent-based, and focused on agreeableness, respect and truth-seeking. I also give ethical guidelines for each workshop.

Is this funded? By whom?

I have asked for funding but have not received any positive answer yet. So far, this is volunteer work. I do allow participants to participate financially if they wish.

How intense is this?

Medium to high intensity, depending on your ease with absorbing and applying information. I would e.g. suggest not to do high-intensity intellectual work or out-of-comfort-zone activities prior to the workshop.

Can I learn this on my own?

Yes! You can find a complete list of ressources in the library section. You can also check,, and

Is this evidence-based?

Deep Canvassing specifically is backed by evidence from the scientific literature [1], while Cooling Conversations is directly applying evidence-based advice [2]. Although Street Epistemology is inspired by evidence-based approaches (with its precursor tentatively tested positively in 2004) [3], it remains to be tested rigorously. The workshop itself hasn't been subject to rigorous testing, but I plan to do so.

I'd like to organize a workshop

You're more than welcome! I often try to free myself to organize workshops at other's demand, and am also happy to help you out if you want to lead it yourself.

Can I get the code for the app?

Yes, it's open source and written by Diego Dorn, don't hesitate to contact him.

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